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FAQs - frequently asked questions to improve your Arsenal experience

Q: Can I make a reservation?

A: We do take reservations with some exceptions and stipulations.  All reservations must be placed at least 24 hours in advance and require an up-front, nonrefundable deposit.

Q: Are you cash-only?

A: Everything bowling is cash-only.  Our bar accepts credit cards with a $10 minimum to close a tab.

Q: Are you 21 plus?

A: We are 21 plus every night of the week from 8pm until close.  From 8pm onward everyone must be 21 to enter the building.  Absolutely everyone must have a valid ID and anyone without a valid ID will be turned away at the door.

Q: What are your alcohol policies?

A: Before 9pm we serve one drink per person at a time, and everyone must present a valid ID  to be served.  We ID absolutely everyone, even if you're 100!  We do not serve pitchers.

Q: Why are you so strict about alcohol?

A: We want to ensure that all patrons have an enjoyable and safe experience at Arsenal Lanes.  We take deliberate measures in line with the Liquor Control Board of Pennsylvania's suggestions to ensure no customers are over-served and that no underage patron consumes alcohol on our premises.  For more about Pennsylvania's liquor laws and guidelines click here.

Q: Do you host leagues?

A: We do host leagues.  League play is typically from 5pm-9pm.  Play and lane preparation does sometimes affect lane availability.  Feel free to call us at 412-683-5992 to check availability.  If you're interested in joining a league you can find more information here.

Q: Your facility was empty and I was told I couldn’t bowl because of league play, specials or reservations; why was that?!

A: Bowling lanes may seem like a fairly simple thing, but for league bowlers we strive to maintain precisely engineered playing surface in line with some of the best-scoring facilities in the country.  Much of this is due to the oil that is applied to and stripped from the lane once or twice daily and always before league play.  This ensures all leagues play on the same exacting surface, but may require us to hold lanes empty between oiling and league start.  For more information about lane conditions click here.

Additionally, we may hold lanes up to an hour in advance of a reservation to make sure we don't force patrons to rush through games and to guarantee that lanes are available promptly for those who reserved.

Finally, we make an effort to make all 22 lanes available for our nightly specials.  This means that we end open bowling at 8:30pm every night and may have to hold lanes open between 8:30 and 9:00pm.


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